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Entry 01 // 11/08/2022

So we're starting this..

I've wanted to do something like this for a while now. I wanted to protect others but I didn't know how or what to do. I was attacked at a young age by these, at the time, unknown forces. But now I'm older and I'm stronger. I could always see them but what are you supposed to do with said information? So like any other mortal, I pretended it wasn't a thing.

Isn't it kinda dumb? I feel like it's dumb eheh. It's pretty dumb that we let these curses and hexes attach to our very being. I honestly feel like there's still some that I need to be broken from. But it's okay now. It will be okay now. Even though it's just me in this building, I can handle whatever comes to me now.

Hopefully, I can. Hopefully, it's not too much. The fear is there but...

That's never stopped me before.

Anyways. Closing out of this entry. See you around the veil. -K

Studies 01 // 11/08/2022

Session 1 of Sigils: Basic Summary and Types

So through my studies of smoke magicks and haze tech, I've learned about the many ways of crafting sigils to imbue items and yourself with unspoken protections. Along with other needs in this mortal realm and beyond.

They are used as symbolic representations of an energy, word or intention. When activated, it buffs the incantation the user is performing by helping manifest said energy the user would like to use. Working with said sigils is an Ancient Magick and should not be misused and should be studied properly. It should also be known that no matter the user's spiritual path or level, the requirements are:

  • That you know the energies you are manifesting exist.
  • That you know where and how you direct said energies is what creates results in said vicinity.
  • Of course, in the same vein. If you do not know of said energies and how they work, then the sigil and incantation will not in fact work.

    The mortal state of being is always in the now unless given a vision of the past or future. But again, of the now. With our egos of current time, it is difficult to simply speak with the elements and energies that surround us and have a back and forth conversation. The only way to do so from current studies is through the subconscious mind. By crafting said sigils, it aids the subconscious to travel past the veil.

    Now with that explanation out of the way, the five types of sigils are:

  • Intention
  • Ancient sigil it is. But it is also the common sigil used for incantations.

  • Correspondence
  • This type of sigil is used specifically as a connection to an energy you'd want to imbue onto said incantation.

  • Name
  • This sigil has a specific use to connect to anything that is named. A place, a thing, a person. You can guess what this can be used for.

  • Linking
  • This specific type of sigil is used to link elements to another, say a place and a thing. Transferring energies from one place to another is an example but there are others.

  • Combination
  • And this, of course, is when you combine sigils together for a stronger connection. Again, this should be studied and practiced before common use. (An example of this could be when you're crafting a tool and you use intention sigils along with a Correspondence sigil that uses the flame or the mist or the herbs.)

    In the next Studies entry I will discuss the ways to make a sigil. Until then, I think it's time to take a well-deserved break and drink some rose and lavender tea.

    See you around the veil. -K

    VM Talk 01 // 11/09/2022

    Neverending Improvement

    Heya! So this is gonna be a short (I hope) section where I just talk about whatever. Hence the name, VMTalk.

    Cuz I'm the VeilMaster.

    Anyway, to start, I'm like just waking up. I just posted some new art and I gotta like figure out how to put the links for this specifically under sectioned buttons. I'm sure I'll figure it out though haha. It's crazy how I made all this. I had a vision and it looks exactly like it!

    It's been like soooo long since I've coded anything. The most I've coded in a while. Last thing that involved code was like using Bash and Python whenever I did a personal Linux project. I used Manjaro for it and it worked OK. I just wanted to play Win games on Linux without any framedrops. But due to other circumstances and needs, I had to drop it and go back to a Win distro. (Speaking of which, it's giving me a activation notice and that's annoying but whatever. I don't care as much.)

    But yhea, I've been doing surprising well with my mental health. Even though my situation with money has been funky but isn't it with everyone? I've kinda learned to just not really worry about much since all of this is powered by forces that I can only understand minimally. I was trying so so hard to get people recognize my works and stuff and I said after a while, "Fuck this number game bullshit. I just wanna create." Doesn't matter who or whatever entity sees it, if they wanna pay me or not. I'm just doing it for me now. So bleh.

    Maybe it's because of the ego death I had. You just forget yourself and see who you are as a mortal being. And you can study yourself without judgment.

    If you haven't yet. It's very..eye opening. Also, drink water and touch grass, silly.

    Anyway, I'll continue the Studies 02 post later. If I did, you can click that. And maybe y'know, another post iunno. Depends on the day. ^^7

    See you around the veil, Sinner.

    Entry 02 // 11/09/2022

    Heard the singing again.

    Decided to go out of the facility after working on the shield for days now. It gets boring when you're at your lonesome but it's not too bad. I trailed along the canopy until I got to a nice spot and just stared up at the growth-covered sky. At this time of night, it's really interesting to look at. The branches stretching out and connecting with one another. Shooting off of each other with neurons narrowly unseen by the mortal eye.

    Usually I'm careful to not take a nap so close in the Veil but today was different. I rested. And to be fair, it was a nice rest. Until I heard the singing. It was soft echoing singing, no direction to pinpoint. As if a message was being sent across radiowaves. I almost lost my sense but I was sound mind enough to stay calm. At some point, I got my bearings and started to head back to the facility. I was successful in returning but it still bothers me. Somewhat fear, somewhat confusion. I want to learn more about this message.

    What is this message and what does it want to say to whoever listens, I wonder..?

    I'll update further on the singing if I ever catch it again.

    Until then, See you around the veil. -K

    Studies 02 // 11/09/2022

    Session 2 of Sigils: Creating Sigils

    Welcome back. Let's continue from before about sigils.

    As a quick summary from the last entry, a sigil is a symbolic representation of the energies, words or intentions related to said incantation casted. And by knowing how said energies work and knowing how they flow, will help with potency of said incantation.

    I'll be sure to provide some reading materials on a later date. Even though I write these entries, I too, am still learning. So let's go about the ways of crafting sigils for future use.

    The first method we'll be going over is:

    Phase Glyph

    Phase Glyphing should only be done after deep study and maybe a few trips in the Veil. Of course, that's not needed and even beginners can go about this method. As long as you have a feel for the natural energies around us in reality and in the wired as well. Some would say, even those with Phantom Touch could go about this method. Since they're already connected in some way to the Beyond.

    It involves entering into a state of connection to the Veil and being able to hold that connection to attune with your inner energies. Of course, it does not matter what spiritual path you take as stated before. (I will say in some cases it may make it harder to connect due to your Ego.) But once you establish the connection with the Self of the Veil, you can then start with the writing of the Sigil.

    The experience could be very intensive, so again I urge you to deeply study this method and take up some reading on Lucid Travesal before you try it. But, as I say most of the time...

    Improv. And study the results.

    Alright next method is:

    Magick Square

    Say hi to the square, everyone.

    So. If you're already versed with Numerology, Angel Numbers, etc. You should feel right at home with this method.

    This method can be used with a variety of Numerology methods along with some cypher methods if you'd feel that would increase the potency of the incantation. The numbers gathered from previous Numerology methods would be applied onto a grid with an equal amount of squares. As you see this is a 3x3 but it can be increased and decreased however necessary. The numbers must also equal the same added up in any direction.

    Once the energies and numbers have been configured, along with whatever materials that will be used with it, you'd then attribute letters to the the numbers with whatever method you'd like to use then create the sigil. It can be complex and would need extra time to study. But if you're already versed in this methods, should be exceptionally easy.

    Now the next method:


    So this method doesn't really require that much research. Maybe some research into breathing techniques, some research into possible things you might encounter but otherwise this is what I'd recommend to first timers.

    This sigil is crafted from deep meditation and forming a connection to the energies around you. This doesn't require a dive into the Veil but more so, it's possible you can slip in accidentally if you're not careful.

    Once the connection is made, you craft the sigil. Making sure you stay attune to the flow you've connected with.

    Once you've honed your skills in being able to keep a connection to the Aether, the next step I'd say to take would be to research Lucid Dreaming and afterwards Lucid Traversal like I stated in Phase Glyphing.

    The next method after that would be:

    Visual Attunement

    Now this. This is the most common method. You've done this method and you probably didn't even know you were doing it, heh. I'm serious.

    Let me explain. So this method uses existing symbolism to express intention and to increase potency on whatever incantation you'd like to cast. As I've stated, it does not matter what spiritual path you've taken when you go about using magicks. It can be images such as the cross, the star, visages of deities past, can even be a leaf if your belief in nature is strong enough. The tales of druids doesn't seem so farfetched if you look further through the looking glass.

    If you're reading this entry and you feel unsure, shaken, fearful, even anger.

    Do not be afraid of what the Veil can offer.
    That's all I'll say on that. And you can do your research into it further or continue on as you were. This is just information after all.

    Getting closer to the end of this entry, the next:

    Veiler's Wheel

    This is yet another ancient technique past down from user to user. You may do some research into cypher methods that would work for your specific incantations but you don't need to if you would rather feel and search for what the Aether will give you.

    By placing the spoken tongue's alphabet into a three layered (or more, depending) circle, you would then break down the intention of said incantation to acronyms, synonyms, whatever solutions that come to your wheel. And then by whatever method you chose, such the third letter of every word, you would then craft your sigil. Going from one letter to the next until it's finished.

    As I've stated before, very ancient, very powerful. As are all the methods previously stated. I must make a reminder to provide reading material to delve further into it but nonetheless. The final method, last but not least is:

    Word Glyph

    This method uses the intention as a base, writing it out and attuning to either the energies, Aether, the Veil. Once attuned, you would then take the vowels and repeating letters from said intention and craft it into the incantation.

    Of course, you could use other cypher methods to create something other than the common method but that's just one of many. Also, these sigils are usually stylized or plain depending on. So if you were feeling creative you could go about putting it into some graffiti art, but again, be careful.

    This method is usually used for affirmations and declarations, very common in today's environment due to the Veil's increasing growth. But that doesn't mean it's not powerful all the same. Whatever method you choose.

    There. All the methods I have in my personal studies so far. If there's more, I'll inform you all into another entry. And if there is a request for it, I'll consider delving into specifics on methods. Just know that the most important part of crafting and activating sigils is...

    You could have someone make the sigil for you. You could study and study to use sigils from other areas of the Aether. But all in all, it's best to attune to it yourself. Attune to the Veil and craft it yourself. That's the best way to go about it. Because it's your magick, your essence. And nothing can replicate that.

    Well then, I think that's it on crafting sigils. Next will be Elements. Then afterwards, talk of using said Elements for the activation of incantations.

    Until then.

    See you around the veil, and stay safe mm? -K

    VM Talk 02 // 11/09/2022

    The Constant Battle Between Motion and Emotion

    Hey Hey, Sinnners. Kyt the VM here. (I just watched the newest SSeth Video, pretty good as always.)

    I hope you're well. I am. It sounds like I'm speaking like it's been a long time but honestly time works so weird as of late. Can't really tell if it's a Thursday, a Monday or if we're in 11/10/1992.

    Also, I'm genuinely shocked. 700 views on this part of the Veil already? (I just got here, it's been like a few days hasn't it?) I very much appreciate you stopping by. This is a personal study, and I hope you learn from it and maybe get some form of insight? Enjoy the unfolding of the tale of Crossveil? Enjoy your stay by all means.

    Anyway (I say Anyway a lot), I've been continuing my studies and have been staying afloat with the odd thing here and there. Trying not to tucker myself out but at the same wanting to do all the things. I still have the mindset of being unsure about doing something I want to do and I feel that it's going to take a while to get over said troubles. Especially since I basically grew up in that environment. It's been a part of my life forever. Expecting that every move, every step, someone will cast you down and smite you with their imaginative words.

    When all in all, that's not really true. Most, if not all, people are too busy worrying about themselves. About the same things I'm worrying about in this entry. It's difficult being an introvert sometimes. Very easy to do but very hard to not just be in the Veil for days on end, never wanting to come out. Of course, I don't think I'd ever want to come out, if only for specific reasons such as meetings with friends and personal communes. I really dream of having a session with like-minded friends and offering to the elements with our own personal circle made of materials someday. Maybe someday. But for now, it's just solo work and mellowing in passive thoughts.

    I've debated with myself on photos of the Realspace that I don't already use and edit for the Entry Sector. To kind of show you the trinkets and tools I collect and use. Give you a sneak peak of my works. But it's a constant battle of do I or not. I'm sure if anyone was absolutely steadfast on finding "me" they could. You can virtually find anyone if you know how to use the Veil well. But, why do I worry about that? Is it because of the constant doomscrolling I've subjected myself to over the years? The constant numbergame? The always present tale of someone finding others in the Realspace and using that info maliciously? It's a scary thought process and I've been through it times before. But really, is it so troublesome? I feel like it isn't at this point. Why should I care about that, why am I programmed to care about that? So I decided I will eventually post something for myself as usual. I feel it would better this system and give you, Sinner, a personal look. This is mine after all.

    This system was made to break from said fears. Break away from that circular history of our current time and to forge another path. And no, I'm not talking a path where I become the people that like to blog about their travels and their everything and make it their job. Okay actually, that was a bit harsh. I mean the artificial ones. Not like genuine people who are nomads and love to show their tales. I wouldn't mind talking about my walks and my personal incantations, I was planning to anyway.

    Like for instance, I've been gathering materials for an incantation to ground and protect my current surroundings. Like a deployable shield if that makes sense, haha. I feel like it would be beneficial for whenever I do decide to travel again across this world we live in.

    Really this world is complicated isn't it? Our state of conscious and all that I mean. We're in a constant fight, a constant loop of our thoughts and emotions and memories. For some it's not as bad. But for others of the Veil, this mortal state is tiring. Maybe it's due to the social climate we're currently in right now, yes? I feel like I'd be much better than I already am if I was just to reside in a home filled with plantlife. Overgrown to cover, but not enough to engulf if that makes sense. A symbotic relationship to benefit the other.

    If you could hear me sigh right now. Anyway. I think I'll end it here. Maybe next VM entry I'll leave you with whatever I find. Don't let the state of the world weigh you down and do what you'd want to do. It's your life. whether in the Veil or not.

    See you around the Veil, Sinner. ♥

    Now go so I can make some grub and tea lol. Thanks for stopping by. ♥

    Entry 03 // 11/13/2022

    Air tasted different today.

    I took some time to recoup after the last...encounter? Do I even call it that? It was just this weird sound...

    And today I went an opposite direction from the canopy. I really need to get the mapping system up and running again so I can have a better sense of what area of the Veil I'm going but it was a pleasant surprise to see that this area wasn't as thick with growth. It was surprisingly walkable and I even found some of the smaller wildlife that roams around here.

    To delve into it a little bit, the wildlife here looks similar but you could clearly pick them out from anything in the Real. Vires, squirrel-like animals with tails that look like paintbrushes, Does with three, sometimes four eyes. I couldn't capture any images of these animals because the cloaking system is busted but maybe if I can get the bestiary up then you'll be able to see what I'm referencing. Nat wa--IS best at gathering info on the wildlife. Maybe I'll ask them about more facts for you. When I can.

    It was a pleasant change I'll say from just the wind blowing the leaves. It's not silent, but quiet most of the time. Occassional bird calls here and there. I went ahead and documented a few things, and I'll send it into the database once I'm finished. I also practiced this technique I'm learning. Need to be able to hold barriers but it's...surprisingly draining. Not unlike forming tools or weapons. The energy needs to focused by 55% more than what I'm currently capable of and then expanded into a 360 degree dome. I need to do more research on Numerology techniques, I'm...I never was very good at that aspect.

    (...This is embarassing. Whatever just leave it.)

    I'll update more on my next trek. I need to stay on my feet more.

    See you around the veil. -K

    VM Talk 03 // 11/12/2022

    Reaching Out (is hard).

    Hiya Sinners.

    So this is going to be a more in depth look into the VM for this entry. Did you like the last canon entry? I hope you did haha.

    So here's the thing. I love interacting with people, I love talking with new and old friends. There's something about listening to others and sharing their light. Sharing their interests, their feelings, their thoughts. I love to meet new friends and to have them share with me their aspirations. But..

    And it's so hilariously hard to break out of. Even with my new found confidence. Whenever I don't think about it, it just kind of happens. I speak and I have a wonderful time. I make new bonds and I can be happy. But whenever I want to initate a discussion with someone new, the fear of "being annoying" or "rambling on til no one can understand me" sinks in. I know that more than likely if I do speak without holding back, that there wouldn't be any detriment and I'd get more friends than awkward moments. But it's genuinely so hard, haha.. I think it definitely stems from my past a bit A LOT.. but I've grown a lot since then. ♥

    I will say that I'm glad that I can now point out my issues and work on them to be a better, more socialable entity. I wish to learn more. And I hope I find like-minded entities in the very near future. Methinks that'll be great.

    I'll be posting the Elements and Properties study pretty soon. I want to be able to just have a nice and neat thesis, heh. So yeah, expect that. Also, working on a thing. First time you'll be able to see the "Vires" of the Veil. Here's a sneak peak ^^/

    Thanks for hearing me out..


    ...s-see you around the veil, Sinner. Be well.